--- Can I pass normal go flags or just ENV vars t...
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--- Can I pass normal go flags or just ENV vars to pulumi when executing? I want to write a little logic for flipping to a yaml render output, but store state locally as it's just for experimentation. Didn't know if I could add flags/parameters or I should use env variables instead.
basic example:
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import {env} from 'process';

const kubeconfig = new k8s.Provider('kubeconfig', {
  context: kubeConfigContext,
  kubeconfig: env.KUBECONFIG,
  suppressHelmHookWarnings: true,
  enableDryRun: true,
kubeconfig: env.KUBECONFIG,
is reading the env var KUBECONFIG.
ah, woops, that's typescript, I see now you're on golang. similar principal though
Thanks! I was asking more about passing in flag/cli args directly instead of using env variables, but I'm guessing that's not possible.