Couldn't find this info in the docs.. In Python, ...
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Couldn't find this info in the docs.. In Python, my
simply imports other modules and the project contains other modules still. However, Pulumi seems to require all the
to import modules, or else Pulumi doesn't import them. Is this correct? I need to explicitly import all modules and packages in each package's
? If so, is there a better / more standardized way?
There is nothing special about Pulumi and the import process. Once you import, it is just Python code at that point that follows standard rules for imports. I use imports regularly and my files are all empty. I suspect there is something about your project setup. I would recommend the use of a tool like
to set up your project -- it tends to put everything in the correct place and generally takes care of most people's import issues.
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Correct, this is a
item and not
. If the other modules exists in other directories, then those directories must have an
file. This is what tells python it is a package/module.