Hi Everyone, I was working through the getting sta...
# getting-started
Hi Everyone, I was working through the getting started guide for non cloud Kubernetes and had an issue I'm hoping someone is able to help with. The first deployment of nginx went fine, but after updating the stack to expose an IP address it failed with:
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kubernetes:core/v1:Service (nginx):
    error: 2 errors occurred:
    	* resource default/nginx-qyb8bpd9 was successfully created, but the Kubernetes API server reported that it failed to fully initialize or become live: 'nginx-qyb8bpd9' timed out waiting to be Ready
    	* Service was not allocated an IP address; does your cloud provider support this?
The Kubernetes cluster is microk8s, so it's highly likely I've not enabled a required addon, but I don't know where to start. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
I figured out I needed a load balancer, so enabled the
addon for microk8s