Hi everyone. I'm new to Pulumi and trying to learn...
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Hi everyone. I'm new to Pulumi and trying to learn if there is a way to use it with Proxmox Virtual Environment (PVE). Can anyone tell me something about this? Is there a way? A Proxmox PVE integration would be crucial to even start using Pulumi, since our main platform bases on this today and there are only vague ideas to bring specific things into the cloud.
We don't have a proxmox provider officially support by the company but a quick google search shows there are some community attempts at supporting this. https://github.com/matchlighter/pulumi-proxmoxve for example.
Thank you @echoing-dinner-19531; I also found some GH Repos which seem to be related. But all I found seem everything else but stable. Your find also states:
Work in Progress Pulumi Provider
(Not published. I don't have a present need for this.
all over the place. Other state, that they work for Linux only and such things ... As a completely new adopter of Pulumi, I am seriously deterred by all this. Also, I do not really get all these npm, Go, .Net, Python - things outlined on all those pages. I am using Pulumi with Python.
That's understandable. We're planning on making it easier to people to build and use bridged providers but the current state of things does lead to people sort of half setting them up.
Can you recommend a guide for "the" way of building and using bridged providers in Pulumi?
https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-tf-provider-boilerplate <- using that template is "the" way to do it, but its not the easiest thing to setup especially getting CI actions set up to do all the building and publishing of it. If you just want to build something for yourself and you know a terraform provider you want to use it shouldn't be too hard.
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