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⚡ Got team subscription enabled... so I'm officially the first adopter at the company I'm at 🎉 Right now I'm at free tier on a K8 deployment being roughly 8k Pulumi credits. I'm trying to plan for future stuff and super confused on the credit stuff or at least wondering if I'm right/wrong? • Let's say I'm at 150k credits. • I do a new k8 deployment and 8k more credits are used. • 0.00025 per pulumi credit would mean $2 a month, but then I see the credits are calculated per hour or something. So Each month with that said I'm thinking $1300, which I can't believe is right. I want to keep adopting for little things here and there while I promote internally, but having a solid understanding of potential cost is really important. If I all of a sudden hit $1300 for a new plan on the credit card some folks might have some serious questions 🙂 Any calculator or examples would be welcome to better plan for using.
Credits are directly related to the number of resources-hours.
AFAIR, one resource (e.g. S3 bucket managed by pulumi) existing within a stack for an hour costs you 1 credit.
that’s why for 150k credits you can have:
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150.000 credits / 30 (days) / 24 (hours within a day) ~ 208 resources
If you’re total sum of resources across all stacks is < 208 (and they don’t change over time or at least that’s the average), you’re gonna use all 150k free credits.
• I do a new k8 deployment and 8k more credits are used.
That part confused me and that’s why I gave you such a long answer. You’re missing the time factor here (deployment can cost you 8k credits over some time). Assuming you meant the whole month (720h), that k8s deployment must have on average ~11 resources declared.
In other words, if you’re gonna create 11 resources and destroy them after 1h -> 11 credits.
Very helpful. • The resource chart shows 20.
The Quantity of credits used from the last bill (free tier/trial): 8,984
I'm doing continual deployment so my stack gets replaced multiple times a day (or at least some of the resources do).
I also have Azure Keyvault vars and other azure devops stuff I want to migrate from Terraform to pulumi because of the great inbuilt stack encryption offered.
So can you give me an idea of what this would look like say: • I maxed my account at 150k. • Now next month I do a new deployment of 11 resources for kubernetes. Would this be:
( 0.00025 * 720) * 11
to results in
for the new stack then? I'm multitasking so if I'm mixing things up please forgive 🙂
@prehistoric-activity-61023 do you think I could get a follow-up on my team account via email if slack doesn't work. I need to figure this out as we adopt it more and I'm confused a little. Let's say I create a new stack and leave it running all month, maybe replace stuff but same count. Is that
( 0.00025 * 720) * 11
and $1.98 a month or am I getting this calc wrong. Been swamped so sorry if the question is repetitive. I can jump on a call next week to chat if it's easier.
Sorry, I haven’t seen your last message. Yeah, the last calc seems ok to me. The cost of running 11-resources stack for a full month is indeed
0.00025 * 720 * 11 ~ $1,98
. Keep in mind that Team plan has 150k free credits every month. If something is still unclear, feel free to message me next week.