I'm trying to follow the Azure "getting started" g...
# getting-started
I'm trying to follow the Azure "getting started" guide at: https://www.pulumi.com/docs/get-started/azure/. The command "pulumi login --local" seems to be working - I see the .pulumi folder with the templates, etc. When I execute the command "pulumi new azure-csharp", it displays the basic information and instructions about entering values and prompts me for the project name. When I hit "Enter", nothing happens. It also doesn't accept any input for the project name (i.e. if I try to type in a project name, it doesn't seem to accept any input - it certainly doesn't echo the characters to the screen). So I'm guessing there's some kind of issue in the terminal / shell / console where I'm executing the "pulumi new" command. A "Ctrl-C" does break out of the command back to the prompt. I'm on Windows 10 21H2 (10944.1469); Windows Terminal 1.11.3471.0; Windows Powershell 7.2.1. Any thoughts on this? Anyone else run into it?
Note: I do not have this problem when I run "pulumi new azure-csharp" in a default Powershell console.
Is the only difference that you're using Windows Terminal?
I use Windows Terminal sometimes and it works fine. Also VSCode terminal. I associate this sort of behaviour with running an app within Docker and without the
flag... the stdin wiring would be wrong.
Yes - that's the only difference. Open Windows Terminal, select a Windows Powershell tab (the "core" version of Powershell) via the dropdown: error. Windows key, type "powersh", select "Powershell 7 (x64"): works.
No issues using it in the VS Code windows powershell terminal, either.
Then I'd be investigating how your Terminal config is wiring stdin to console apps. I haven't heard of anything like this before, so I don't think it's part of the default Terminal configs.. have you tweaked anyrthing?
Have you determined that your input is doing nothing? Could it be invisible but working?
And if you're interested in workarounds, can I recommend WSL2? I use Terminal with Ubuntu/bash, and run Pulumi on the Linux side of the divide. Working 100% for me.
Doing it that way makes moving builds to cloud platforms (GitLabCI, GitHub workflows, ADO pipeelines, etc.) easier, since they're mostly built on Linux in containers.
Yes - there's no evidence it's doing anything; though I suppose I could guess at what it's prompting for. The passphrase prompts would be a challenge. 😉
I love WSL2 - it seems like it's just an extra obstacle to getting my head around Pulumi, TBH.
Right now I'm trying to grok "pulumi import" - it's indecipherable so far (type? name? ID? - where the examples look like "azure-nativeapimanagementApiManagementService"??? (Note that I'll start another thread if I think I'm truly stuck on using import.) I really appreciate your replies.
The import IDs for resources are at the bottom of the registry doc pages (at least for AWS resources..)
I think I found them - they're actually pretty helpful once you realize that each resource type has its own doc page with its own import example.