# general


05/12/2022, 10:52 AM
Hi folks, I am trying to vertically scale a set of readers and writers for a few AWS RDS Aurora clusters (where each cluster has 1 writer and multiple readers). However I would like to sequence the vertical scaling within each cluster such that only 1 instance (or at most a small number of the instances) gets modified at a time. I understand that setting the parallelism level of Pulumi to 1 will achieve this, but I would prefer to modify all the clusters in parallel. If all the resources are within one stack is this approach possible with, say, a Dynamic Resource wrapping the AWS SDK functions to modify the DB instances, or would it be possible to perform this serial execution within a ComponentResource using some approach which blocks on each Resource object until it is done? I would prefer to not use a Dynamic Resource because my limited reading on them suggests that you do not use the Pulumi providers so I'd like to avoid that.