Hello, I’m trying to create an integration to an e...
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Hello, I’m trying to create an integration to an existing aws websockets gateway route unsuccessfully.
error creating API Gateway v2 route: ConflictException: Route with key $connect already exists for this API
The problem is when i create the
resource, The $connect route creates automatically. The only way to create an integration request to a route, is to create the
resource in pulumi, and set the integration resource in it. But again, i can’t create the route, because it is already exist.
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const exampleApi = new aws.apigatewayv2.Api("exampleApi", {protocolType: "WEBSOCKET"});
const exampleIntegration = new aws.apigatewayv2.Integration("exampleIntegration", {
    apiId: exampleApi.id,
    integrationType: "HTTP_PROXY",
    integrationMethod: "ANY",
    integrationUri: "<https://example.com/{proxy}>",
const exampleRoute = new aws.apigatewayv2.Route("exampleRoute", {
    apiId: exampleApi.id,
    routeKey: "$connect",
    target: pulumi.interpolate`integrations/${exampleIntegration.id}`,
me and @purple-answer-54279 looking for answers for a long time without any feedback! last time @great-queen-39697 managed to help us. How can we solve it?
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