Hi, We've recently migrated our stack to a Team an...
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Hi, We've recently migrated our stack to a Team and activated our subscription. Previously we were using an individual account and using access tokens to allow team members to perform operations on our stack. Since migrating we have lost the ability to grant access tokens, further more only one member of the team can be granted an admin role. Is there a way for us to grant rights to additional members?
Admin settings are granted via Organization / Members, I think? I don't think that's part of Teams.
The Team edition is restricted to 1 admin only. You can still use the tokens from ur individual accounts if you would like, the tokens will match whatever access that user has. Enterprise and business critical both offer an organization tokens feature, but that is not available on the team edition. A few more details are available on our pricing page. https://www.pulumi.com/pricing/