Also, are outputs only available to the CLI using ...
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Also, are outputs only available to the CLI using
pulumi stack output myOut
after deployment and the backend gets updated? I.e not simply by specifying a new line
export const myOut = outputs.then(o, => o.myOutput)
. Adding this to my TS file alone results in an error with command above but is displayed with
pulumi preview
. Hence, new outputs won't be available to other stacks until I
I confirmed this, but is there a way to output with the command without having to deploy that code?
No. Stack outputs reflect what's in the Pulumi state, not what's in the code. If you have an output set to value 4, then
, then set the value to 5, then the stack output is still 4: it is intentionally the deployed value.
This is the model required by declarative deployment technologies. Code expresses the intention, not necessarily what is deployed. State describes what (Pulumi) believes is deployed.
Makes sense. That's what I figured from my understanding but it's great to hear from the experts. Thanks!