Hi all. Is there a (flag to enable a) smart deploy...
# google-cloud
Hi all. Is there a (flag to enable a) smart deployment pattern in Pulumi to allow changing subnet/ranges without manually destroying instances on that subnet? If I now decide to change a subnet, it tries to create a new subnet, but the creation is blocked as is might be "in use" (e.g. I might have instances on that subnet and during provisioning I get GCP API errors, which make sense). Just thinking out loud, the manual way would be to create the new subnet, then "migrate" all existing VMss to use the new subnet and then remove tthe old one afterwards. It's not working -out of the box- (not necessarily expecting that :)) .. just wondering if there's a way to handle that in Pulumi? With ResourceOptions you can trigger a replacement based on local properties, and adjust behaviour f.i. delete_before_replace, but I don't see how to to that in conjunction with other resources.