Going off my last issue with being unable to updat...
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Going off my last issue with being unable to update an existing cluster's nodepools from within pulumi, is it possible to update something within the console/cli then import that change to pulumi? As it stands the only solution to continue using pulumi is to completely delete the current cluster and recreate it with the new nodepool configuration, which is not something that I can do. Any help would be appreciated.
yes, you can use
pulumi import
or the
resource provider
if you update the nodepool, then do
pulumi refresh
(if you've already written pulumi code) pulumi will tell you what has changed
Ok great I'll try that. Thank you.
It seems like when I try to refresh the stack it keeps the cluster's old config and setting the value to the actual config makes it think that there is a change that needs to be applied when in reality there shouldn't be.
Been there, done that.. so..
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☝️ This is basically the only way I found to stop
from replacing my cluster on each update
And it works great 😛
Thank you I'll put this in.
My pleasure ^^