How does one refer to Diagnostic Settings? Let's s...
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How does one refer to Diagnostic Settings? Let's say I need to import an existing one to Pulumi. In Azure Portal, you can't see its URI anywhere, so I'm not sure what I should pass to the import command.
You should be able to see an example of ID in the docs. I don’t know which exact resource you mean but here is a guess:
⤴️ In such situations, I've had to synthesize the URI from the example in the
docs for the resource types, e.g.
Thanks guys, but that example is wrong (I figured it out in the meantime with the help of the Resource Manager API docs). The example URI has this form:
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but this fails with
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error: Preview failed: autorest/azure: Service returned an error. Status=400 Code="NoRegisteredProviderFound" Message="No registered resource provider found for location 'global' and API version '2017-05-01-preview' for type 'frontdoors'. The supported api-versions are '2018-08-01, 2019-04-01, 2019-05-01, 2019-08-01, 2020-01-01, 2020-04-01, 2020-05-01, 2020-07-01, 2021-06-01'. The supported locations are 'global, centralus, eastus, eastus2, northcentralus, southcentralus, westus, northeurope, westeurope, eastasia, southeastasia, japaneast, japanwest, brazilsouth, australiaeast, australiasoutheast'."
Instead, the URI should be
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I tried with Diagnostic Settings on a SQL Database and a Front Door so far.