Hello, we are running Pulumi (.NET) via a Jenkins ...
# kubernetes
Hello, we are running Pulumi (.NET) via a Jenkins pipeline, and we created a container for this purpose. Recently we updated the Pulumi version inside that container from 3.39.1 running on .NET Core 3.1, to version 3.43.1 running on .NET 6, and now we are seeing a lot of failures:
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error: Preview failed: 1 error occurred:
	* the Kubernetes API server reported that "some-namespace/some-application" failed to fully initialize or become live: use `<http://pulumi.com/patchForce|pulumi.com/patchForce>` to override the conflict: Apply failed with 4 conflicts: conflicts with "pulumi-resource-kubernetes.exe" using apps/v1:
- .spec.strategy.rollingUpdate.maxUnavailable
- .spec.strategy.rollingUpdate.maxUnavailable
- .spec.template.spec.containers[name="some-application"].resources.limits.cpu
conflicts with "rancher" using apps/v1:
- .spec.replicas
And I have no idea what is going on and why this is happening. Easy would be to just do what it says with 'patchForce', but I want to understand why this is happening and if it can be prevented.