Howdy all, We have a product with many micro-serv...
# kubernetes
Howdy all, We have a product with many micro-services based on AWS and EKS, where everything is managed with a set of layered Pulumu stacks. This has many advantages and we are pretty happy with it. As part of this, we also deploy services in AWS and Kubernetes via Pulumi. This allows us to create any needed additional infrastructure - like Cognito User Pools, queues, databases, logs, etc - in the stack before the service itself is deployed/installed using a Helm Chart. But... sometimes the Helm chart installation fails and we don't really see much in terms of feed back. We can figure out the problems by re-deploying and then monitoring the objects in Kubernetes, but that is not exactly a good process for the developers. So are there any known way to get more feed-back from the Helm chart installation? Like the logs from the various containers and PODs? As the depoyment fails - and thus pulumi up fails - I cannot see how I can run any additional code to retrieve the wanted information.