4 months ago
    hi folks! I’m struggling to understand this one.. I have this Datadog integration configured, with a CF stack deployed (is there a better way to deploy the datadog AWS stack?) which works completely fine the only issue is that every time I run
    pulumi up
    it updates the parameters of cf stack, when I check the details it says the
    has changed - but it didn’t.. it’s a secret so I can’t see its value in the details.
    ~ parameters: {
              ~ DdApiKey: [secret] => [secret]
    any idea what’s going on? it’s just a waste of resources to redeploy the CF stack every time with virtually no change..


    4 months ago
    There's some code missing. Where are you calling
    from? If that's in an
    then you'll see this behaviour. Does it actually deploy new resources? I'd guess it won't: it just can't tell at preview time that the before and after values are the same, so it shows that there's a potential difference.
    That said, I've never used the aws.cloudformation API, so maybe it does work that way? It might be worth converting the CF stack to Pulumi.
    accountId: pulumi.all([current]).apply(([c]) => c.accountId)
    is exactly the same as
    accountId: current.accountId


    4 months ago
    going to quote the docs here:https://www.pulumi.com/docs/intro/concepts/inputs-outputs/
    During some program executions, apply doesn’t run. For example, it won’t run during a preview, when resource output values may be unknown. Therefore, you should avoid side-effects within the callbacks. For this reason, you should not allocate new resources inside of your callbacks either, as it could lead to pulumi preview being wrong.