Hello! Is there a way to `--supress-outputs` in <P...
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Hello! Is there a way to
in Pulumi GitHub actions? There is no option and I can’t find an environment variable to set either.
I’m getting the following warning:
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Warn: The output was too long and trimmed.
Is it possible to set an environment variable to suppress the output in Pulumi Github Actions?
in the example here for the comment in the PR, there is no output but when I ran this I got the outputs: https://www.pulumi.com/docs/guides/continuous-delivery/github-actions/#comments-by-github-actions
That says
comment-on-pr: true
, but I think you'd want
There's no downside to GitHub trimming your output though. You could just ignore it
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uses: pulumi/actions@v3
          command: preview
          stack-name: ${{ env.STACK }}
          cloud-url: ${{ env.URL }}
          comment-on-pr: true
          diff: true
          github-token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
          edit-pr-comment: false
This is the configuration I’m using and I was expecting to get the result without the outputs to see at a glance the changes, as we can see in the documentation example:
also in the cli, we have the option to `suppress-output`but this option is not provided the GitHub action
BTW thanks for your response 😉
What happens if you don't use the action but do install the Pulumi app? You can run pulumi CLI yourself from a workflow. The action is helpful to remove boilerplate, but it's not essential.
I'm not sure if the Pulumi app relies on the Pulumi action, or if it works using the Pulumi service, or even just recognises Pulumi output in a workflow... https://github.com/apps/pulumi