I'm getting this error in the Github action workfl...
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I'm getting this error in the Github action workflow that's using pulumi/actions@v3:
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error: the stack is currently locked by 1 lock(s). Either wait for the other process(es) to end or delete the lock file with `pulumi cancel`.
I had to cancel a workflow run because of an error in the workflow file. I'm sure that's why the lock file is hanging around. But I can't "pulumi cancel" in the workflow itself. Can I run "pulumi cancel" from the command line to get the required effect? Or is it safe to delete the lock file from the place where it lives (azure storage blob)? Thanks.
yes, if you have the same state backend in GHA as you do locally, running
pulumi cancel
locally will get the job done
Thank you. I did that, and it fixed the issue. Appreciate the confirmation.