Hi all, I’m trying to assign my RDS instance with ...
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Hi all, I’m trying to assign my RDS instance with a final snapshot containing the actual ID of the instance (which is dynamic and determine by Pulumi, and I want to keep it that way) I couldn’t find anything in the SDK enable me to update the instance’s final snapshot ID after declaring the new rds instance I imagine something like
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db.apply(x => db.set({finaleSnapshotId: `prefix….${x.id}})
Does anyone here have an experience with that? Thanks 🙂
That won't be possible. There is no way to use Pulumi to update an existing RDS instance except via the constructor parameters.
You can set the identifier yourself (override Pulumi's random value) and use that in the final snapshot ID. So you can reproduce Pulumi's identifier-generating logic, and use the same random value for both the identifier and finalSnapshotIdentifier args. But you cannot use Pulumi's internally-generated value in both places.
Pulumi uses the name and the RandomId resource (https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/random/api-docs/randomid/) to generate most id values, you can do that too.