Needed to spin up a new AWS environment so thought...
# getting-started
Needed to spin up a new AWS environment so thought it was the perfect opportunity to take Pulumi for a test drive. Unfortunately, I seem to have fallen over on the first step!! I'm trying to create a vpc using the code block in the docs (below)
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using System.Collections.Immutable;
using Pulumi;
using Pulumi.Awsx.Ec2.Inputs;
using Ec2 = Pulumi.Awsx.Ec2;

class MyStack : Stack
    public MyStack()
        var vpc = new Ec2.Vpc("custom", new Ec2.VpcArgs
            SubnetSpecs =
                new SubnetSpecArgs
                    Type = Ec2.SubnetType.Public,
                    CidrMask = 22,
                new SubnetSpecArgs
                    Type = Ec2.SubnetType.Private,
                    CidrMask = 20,

        this.VpcId = vpc.VpcId;
        this.PublicSubnetIds = vpc.PublicSubnetIds;
        this.PrivateSubnetIds = vpc.PrivateSubnetIds;

    [Output] public Output<ImmutableArray<string>> PrivateSubnetIds { get; private set; }
    [Output] public Output<ImmutableArray<string>> PublicSubnetIds { get; private set; }
    [Output] public Output<string> VpcId { get; set; }

class Program
    static Task<int> Main(string[] args) => Deployment.RunAsync<MyStack>();
However, having some issues resolving dependencies (see attached image). I've included the packages window so you can see the versions. Judging by the
statements this example code seems out of date?
@flat-ambulance-51692can you list your deps from the CLI?
you seem to have
but not
I think you need
otnet add package Pulumi.Awsx --version 1.0.0-beta.8
@billowy-army-68599 👍 sorted. I had the prerelease checkbox unchecked and didn't realise I was missing this package. Thank you for the guidance