hi all, does anybody know if pulumi works with pyt...
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hi all, does anybody know if pulumi works with python’s asyncio?
In what context?
I am thinking of using the automation api in an asyncio python program, but am not sure if the api itself is nonblocking
ah, the automation API will work with asyncio
(I believe)
I also think that automation api should work with asyncio. I tried to use aio within the pulumi runtime and run into problems. Please share your findings.
AIO in the Pulumi program would probably work but I think similar functionality is already available due to the output objects that are returned by most function calls. Everything generally runs in parallel unless a blocking function is called. I've had a great experience with using the Automation API by referencing an external Pulumi project via
. Here's the example that got me started in that direction. Can definitely AIO from that location.