Are intermittent errors like this a known issue? H...
# general
Are intermittent errors like this a known issue? Happens to me about every 3-4 runs of
pulumi up
. Re-running without changes usually works
error: could not read plugin [/Users/craigglennie/.pulumi/plugins/resource-aws-v5.9.2/pulumi-resource-aws] stdout: EOF
Nope. Are you running with anything that might cause strange file locks? Maybe continually clearning / reinstalling plugins; Docker/podman and long-lived runs; or Windows?
Docker is running. I don't know of anything that might be causing strange file locks. I'm not installing / cleaning plugins, and I'm on MacOS
The only thing running in Docker is a postgres container that's not actually being used, doesn't seem like that should be causing an issue.
No, it would only be an issue if you were running two Pulumis, both in Docker and both bind-mounting ~/.pulumi
And even then, probably only on Windows.