Is there a way to see what stacks in an organizati...
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Is there a way to see what stacks in an organization are using the stack outputs of particular stack? For example, if stack "Org/A " has a stack output "output1" can I see all stacks within "Org" that are using "output1" from stack "Org/A" without manually looking through all stacks?
Do you want to do this via automation api or simply to look at it in the UI ? If you only want to see it via UI, go to your stack and at the bottom there's a section called
Downstream References
. As long as another stack references it, you'll see it there. This doesn't really tell you that the downstream stack is actually using a particular output tho.
UI or programmatically. Yeah the Downstream references are a good starting point, but it would be nice to see stacks using a particular stack output. Trying to find if a particular output is needed by other stacks and don't want to cause down stream issues if I remove the output.