Hi team! I've an issue with "azure-cs-appservice" ...
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Hi team! I've an issue with "azure-cs-appservice" example: when I try to upload my deploy.zip archive I get an error:
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RequestBodyTooLarge - The request body is too large and exceeds the maximum permissible limit
This is my code
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var blob = new Blob(_blobAppServiceName, new BlobArgs
                ResourceGroupName = resourceGroup.Name,
                AccountName = storageAccount.Name,
                ContainerName = container.Name,
                Type = BlobType.Block,
                Source =  new FileArchive(@"publish\deploy.zip")
I've some dlls greater than 4MB, Is there any way to upload my zip? And moreover can I upload on a different target folder? At this time all files are extracted on wwwroot folder greeters
Maybe it is useful to someone, I resolved with classic azure pulumi package:
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//workaround use Azure Classic
            var blob = new Pulumi.Azure.Storage.Blob(_blobAppServiceName, new Pulumi.Azure.Storage.BlobArgs
                StorageAccountName = storageAccount.Name,
                StorageContainerName = container.Name,
                Type = "Block",
                //Size = 512,
                Source = assets