Hello, just joined, great community! Have a newbee...
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Hello, just joined, great community! Have a newbee question - I am evaluating using pulumi to create a cloud environment on demand. I am writing a service using go, and trying to design a way to run a pulumi code from within my service so I can trigger the run, monitor it sate and when it finishes I can get a status result and continue with my logic. My question is there a supported way to run the pulumi piece of code no only from the CLI but from within go code? Ans how the deployment of pulumi service should look like?
Hello @enough-portugal-51201 , have a look at the Automation API. It is a way to embed Pulumi into a bigger automation, as you want. https://www.pulumi.com/automation/ Do join the #automation-api channel for all your questions on this product feature,
Will do, thanks a lot!