Hi, I need KMS key functionality that is in pendin...
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Hi, I need KMS key functionality that is in pending PR to terraform https://github.com/hashicorp/terraform-provider-aws/pull/24787 - adds
property Can I extend the existing
or hack something with resource transformation or do I need to create a Dynamic resource?
I hope this won't be a painful experience
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Attempted to register resource pulumi-python:dynamic:Resource with a provider for 'aws'
I don't think a dynamic resource is going to help here, that doesn't let you modify other resources it's for writing a new resource type from scratch. I think you'd have to wait for this to be added to terraform and then updated in Pulumi. Interestingly doesn't even look like cloudformation supports this yet (https://github.com/aws-cloudformation/aws-cloudformation-resource-providers-kms/blob/master/key/aws-kms-key.json).
@echoing-dinner-19531 Good catch about CFN ... from my experience CloudFormation is very often behind Terrafrom. I remember writing a lot of custom resources. So if I wanted to try the terraform PR with pulumi I'd update this file https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-aws/blob/master/provider/go.mod to depend on TF PR branch instead of the release tag right? Are there any other changes I'd need to perform as well?
Sorry been away for our refresh week, but I don't think you'd need any other code changes to pull in the PR branch for the terraform provider.