Hi again, can someone please help with the followi...
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Hi again, can someone please help with the following: A. I created a console app that basically presents 2 folders : Classic & Native. Some resources are available in both but some are only available in classic or native i.e CosmosDB only exists in Classic (right?). You can't go on full native or full classic, its a mixture. Is that assumption correct? B. I have a basic CI/CD and it integrates Pulumi (Preview and Up). I have managed to deploy the desired state in dev environment. I need to take this further and next deploy to Test and QA. So, same resources but different names i.e dev-uk-orders-rg, test-uk-orders-rg. Do I control that via stacks? i.e ${stack-name} as a variable in my variables list so for dev environment we have dev-kyc-slack and for test we "tell" it to use the test-kyc-stack? The difference between dev-kyc-stack and test-kyc-stack is just name prefix (for now). Is that approach correct or is there a better way? (edited)
You can mix classic and native. Resources are compatible. The ID of a resource created via one provider can be used as a parameter when creating a resource with the other provider.