hi everyone, Quick question about unit testing com...
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hi everyone, Quick question about unit testing component resources, I’m looking at this old answer from Joe https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/5461#issuecomment-1003424526 It’s consistent with the docs in how all the importing is done, specifically
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let megabucket: typeof import("./megabucket");

    before(async () => {
        megabucket = await import("./megabucket");
Is it really necessary? It’s a lot of ceremony and for my a component resource a regular top-level import works for me. This incantation only seems to be needed if people define resources not wrapped by a function or by a component resource?
You're right. It's not necessary. I would go further and say that this syntax is a code smell.
If you're doing the OO thing with ComponentResource, then you should not have anything at the top level of any file, and this syntax will not be necessary.
Interesting… that’s quite strong but perhaps right
In any case thank you for responding @little-cartoon-10569 🙏