Hello guys, I'm planning to switch from terragrunt...
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Hello guys, I'm planning to switch from terragrunt to pulumi. But we are using terragrunt modules. Does anyone tried already this kinda conversion? I have 6 accounts to manage with security features. Other question: I try to convert one of our resource, but I receive this error:
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➜  testing-server ./tf2pulumi --target-language python
2023/01/13 12:31:25 [TRACE] module source: "git::git@github.com:gruntwork-io/terraform-aws-asg.git//modules/server-group?ref=v0.8.7"
2023/01/13 12:31:25 [TRACE] detected module source "git::<ssh://git@github.com/gruntwork-io/terraform-aws-asg.git?ref=v0.8.7>"
2023/01/13 12:31:25 [DEBUG] fetching module from git::<ssh://git@github.com/gruntwork-io/terraform-aws-asg.git?ref=v0.8.7>
2023/01/13 12:31:25 [DEBUG] found "git::<ssh://git@github.com/gruntwork-io/terraform-aws-asg.git?ref=v0.8.7>" in "": false
error: failed to load module: module servers: not found, may need to run 'terraform init'
The module is a git source, I have access to that. Why is it problematic? Thnks :)
More context:
terraform init
was done before, and was successful.
tf2pulumi doesn’t support this
tf2pulumi doesn’t support this
tf2pulumi doesn’t support this yet I'm working on it this month.
thanks, keep looking forward to it 🙂