Is there any way to import resources into pulumi a...
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Is there any way to import resources into pulumi and include all dependents? At the moment for example if I'm trying to work out how to create an api gateway with these subcomponents • restapi • resource ◦ method ◦ integration(lambda) • resource ◦ method ◦ integration(lambda) etc. Then I have to individually figure which components are needed (not trivial) , then find out out in the docs what each component is called, go to that page, copy the
pulumi import
statement, paste in the IDs from the aws console, then copy and paste the code. It would be really nice if I could just do
pulumi import {top level ID} --include-dependents
and it would scan through the whole thing and provide me the code for the whole lot
Unfortunately this isn’t currently possible. If the AWS api supported resolving these it would be easier, but currently it’s a manual process, sorry 🥲
@billowy-army-68599 ok thanks.