Can anyone tell me the different between ```type: ...
# yaml
Can anyone tell me the different between
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type: aws:apigateway:RestApi
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type: aws-apigateway:RestAPI
I can't seem to find it in the docs. The 2nd one has
as a property, the first doesn't. But the first one is what is mentioned in the documentation, I also checked the aws native api docs but that is very lacking in examples and also doesn't have
as an output property. The first is generated by doing
pulumi new
and selecting from one of the templates, I believe it is aws yaml serverless or something like that
This one
seems much easier and simpler to use, I can set it up and integrate with a lambda function in 4 lines of code, and it deploys and gives me the output URL. However, I could not work out how to add a
method on it, and I cannot find the documention on it. All the documentation seems to be for the
version (or the
provider) The other method, so far I have 40 lines of code and still no working lambda integration.
The former is a raw resource that comes from the AWS provider. The latter is a high-level component from AWSX (see
@tall-librarian-49374 thank you!