02/28/2023, 11:46 PM
Hi everyone, I have pretty much all my Snowflake config run by pulumi, but the snowflake.Share provider is causing me issues: as mentioned in terraform [here]( creating a share relies (needlessly imho) on creating a "temporary" database and granting usage on it to the share. Once that is done, it causes all sorts of issues and you have to manually revoke the grant on that database before you can do anything useful with the share. Does anyone have a recipe to prevent this temp_<whatever> database creation and binding to the share (why not being able to specify what DB to use in the config, i wonder?) As a last resort, can I issue some custom SQL to manipulate the share in a more normal way (maybe wrapping the Share object in something that would allow me to fire a statement pre/post to clean up this mess?)
don't bother, i took a different approach; there was too much logic in pulumi, and not enough in dbt 🙂