Hello community, I've imported some cloud resourc...
# general
Hello community, I've imported some cloud resources using
pulumi import
with yaml runtime, then I've created and applied
kind: Program
kind: Stack
with the generated yaml. Pulumi kubernetes operator is trying to re-create the resources instead of detecting it from the provided s3 state. Pulumi kubernetes operator log:
AlreadyExists: AutoScalingGroup by this name already exists
The security group 'some-sg' already exists for VPC 'vpc-some-id'
"Cluster already exists with name: some-eks-cluster-name"
ResourceAlreadyExistsException: The specified log group already exists
use pulumi refresh to update the stack state
yeah already did, after using pulumi import I've executed pulumi refresh
found the issue,
kind: Program
's name and the project name inside
should be the same