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Hello #azure I have an issue where I am trying to use Pulumi.AzureNative.Authorization.RoleAssignment to assign microsoft built rbac. I need to assign one rbac to many roles for instance a group of developers and a group of testers. However when I have the same rbac in succession during a pulumi up I get a duplicate URN error. It looks like the URN is generated automatically and there isn't much I can do about that. It appears that for role assignment it is pulumiurn<stack>&lt;project&gt;azure-nativeauthorizationRoleAssignment::<roleassignmentName> which means that the two urns end up being the same. is there any suggestion here?
Hmmm.... it seems as though that value can be set to any guid, it doesn't have to be related to the role being assigned.
Okay this was a failure in my understanding. Apparently the name passed in during the declaration does not need to be the RoleDefinitionID. It can be any string. My mistake.