The <azure-native version guide> says that you can...
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The azure-native version guide says that you can "switch between different API versions of a given resource, including to and from its top-level default representation, whenever you want". However, when I create a new resource using a specific version, it is created with a URN that contains the version name (i.e. v20230201). When I then change to use the default version and run pulumi up, the preview fails, because it wants to delete the version specific instance and create a new instance (the preview failure is due to the use of the protect flag on the original instance). How can I switch between different API versions without Pulumi indicating that it is going to delete and recreate?
Can you share which resource you are having problems with (and which version) as well as the version of pulumi-azure-native that you are using?
I'm having the same issue!
we think this is a bug, but if ya could give us more deets about what resource ur hitting this with it would be helpful. also the azure native version ur on.
I asked my question in general @brainy-church-78120. The issue, I have, is with AKS, but we are looking at the way we use the AKS resource in a component resource and I think we will just remove the component resource, it is useless and it is adding up to our resource count ($)
These are the current versions I'm using, although I noticed this problem when I first started using Pulumi 1-2 months ago on slightly older versions and just ignored it at the time. • Pulumi 3.54.1 • Pulumi.AzureNative 1.100.0 • Pulumi CLI: 3.63.0 The specific resource I'm trying to create is a Databricks Workspace, switching between Pulumi.AzureNative.Databricks.V20230201 and Pulumi.AzureNative.Databricks. I need V20230201 due to the newer properties such as PublicNetworkAccess, but since I had encountered the version switch problem when I first started using Pulumi, I wanted to see if it was still an issue. The Pulumi Azure Native Resource is wrapped/created-by a custom resource. Here is the URN that was created that contains the API version.
"urn": "urn:pulumi:Prod01::CompanyName.Iac.Azure.Trm.Dw::CompanyNam:Azure:Databricks:Workspace$azure-native:databricks/v20230201:Workspace::companyname-trm-prod01-un1-dtbws-auth-01",
When I removed the version specific namespace, it want's to delete and recreate (see screen shot). The preview failed because the original resource is protected.
Thanks for the additional information. This definitely looks like a bug to me. I opened an issue in pulumi-azure-native: Unable to migrate resource between versions #2397.
@fast-belgium-1399 A couple of questions to triage this: is your resource defined inside a component resource? Do you have the
option set on it?
The alias seems to be there, but I guess it goes wrong somewhere else
Yes, the Pulumi Azure Native Databricks resource is defined inside my component resource. The databricks resource does have the parent property set to my component resource as well.