# kubernetes


05/02/2023, 2:27 PM
Been struggling with an issue now for a couple of days. wondering if anyone out there could give me a different direction to troubleshoot. I'm basically doing a simple eks cluster creation on aws using pulumi on circle ci. it then creates a new k8 provider passing the kubeconfig from said created cluster. i use that for a namespace creation. but i keep getting this failure below. the odd thing is that this is working fine locally. And it has been working on circle ci for months, all of sudden it stop working last week on circle ci. I'm trying to narrow down what all could have impacted this. Could be circle ci or aw or pulumi. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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kubernetes:core/v1:Namespace (test-ns):
    error: configured Kubernetes cluster is unreachable: unable to load Kubernetes client configuration from kubeconfig file. Make sure you have:
     	 • set up the provider as per <>
how simply i'm creating the k8 provider (golang)
k8sProvider, err := kubernetes.NewProvider(ctx, "k8sprovider", &kubernetes.ProviderArgs{
Kubeconfig: eksCluster.KubeconfigJson,
and simple namespace creation.
namespace, err := corev1.NewNamespace(ctx, "test-ns", &corev1.NamespaceArgs{},
nevermine. I think i found the issue. we are using a very out of date plugin of eks in our CI. I updated to latest and it worked. Wish i knew what got out of wack. went from
pulumi plugin install resource eks v0.40.0
pulumi plugin install resource eks v1.0.1
something must of not been reverse compatible.