05/05/2023, 8:44 AM
Hi! Trying to get started with Pulumi and evaluating if it would be the tool of choice for our IaC. Looks very promising but I have stumbled into an issue. We manage our teams as AWS organizations thus it would be great to create these organizations with Pulumi. There is even an example available that I was following but for some reason
is causing issues when trying to assume a role. I couldn’t get the provider working in my app and even If you run this example: you get an error:
└─ pulumi:providers:aws                   devAccountProvider                         1 error

  pulumi:providers:aws (devAccountProvider):
    error: rpc error: code = Unavailable desc = error reading from server: EOF

  pulumi:pulumi:Stack (aws-ts-organizations-examples):
    panic: interface conversion: interface {} is resource.Computed, not resource.PropertyMap
    goroutine 40 [running]:
    <|>?, {0x140005ff320?, 0x14000c8a000?})
    	/home/runner/work/pulumi-aws/pulumi-aws/provider/resources.go:361 +0x920
    <*Provider).CheckConfig(0x14002ca3b80|*Provider).CheckConfig(0x14002ca3b80>, {0x112d29d88, 0x140005ff800}, 0x140005f6360)
    	/home/runner/go/pkg/mod/ +0x2a0
    <{0x112d29d88|{0x112d29d88>, 0x140005ff800}, {0x1123f2920?, 0x140005f6360})
    	/home/runner/go/pkg/mod/ +0x74
    <{0x112d29d88|{0x112d29d88>, 0x140005fe630}, {0x1123f2920, 0x140005f6360}, 0x140005fc2c0, 0x14002e86870)
    	/home/runner/go/pkg/mod/ +0x30c
    <{0x112a211e0|{0x112a211e0>?, 0x14002ca3b80}, {0x112d29d88, 0x140005fe630}, 0x14002eb20e0, 0x14002db0820)
    	/home/runner/go/pkg/mod/ +0x138
    <*Server).processUnaryRPC(0x140008303c0|*Server).processUnaryRPC(0x140008303c0>, {0x112d3b860, 0x14002fd8000}, 0x140004d6000, 0x14002defb60, 0x11b7a1cb8, 0x0)
    	/home/runner/go/pkg/mod/ +0xc64
    <*Server).handleStream(0x140008303c0|*Server).handleStream(0x140008303c0>, {0x112d3b860, 0x14002fd8000}, 0x140004d6000, 0x0)
    	/home/runner/go/pkg/mod/ +0x82c
    	/home/runner/go/pkg/mod/ +0x84
    created by <*Server).serveStreams.func1|*Server).serveStreams.func1>
    	/home/runner/go/pkg/mod/ +0x290
Any help to move forward would be highly appreciated here! Thank you!


05/05/2023, 10:57 AM
I've raised a bug on the aws repo about this:


05/05/2023, 12:39 PM
Thanks! I’ll keep an eye on the issue. Can’t yet contribute myself but maybe in the future.
I can confirm that the issue is resolved in
v5.40.0. Many, many thanks for the quick resolution! 🙏