Hey all! Just starting on Pulumi, have some terraf...
# getting-started
Hey all! Just starting on Pulumi, have some terraform experience. I am trying to get a GKE autopilot cluster under management. So far I think I can’t actually create it using pulumi (setting
throws an error (specifically
googleapi: Error 400: Max pods constraint on node pools for Autopilot clusters should be 32.
), but setting the
to 32 leads to the error
Conflicting configuration arguments: "default_max_pods_per_node": conflicts with enable_autopilot. Examine values at 'platform-cluster-silver.defaultMaxPodsPerNode'.
. My next step was to manually create the cluster and try to import it but I ran into syntax trouble with no obvious docs to help sort it out. The command I landed on that failed was
pulumi import gcp:container/cluster:Cluster cluster-name-on-gcp cluster-name-in-pulumi
and that didn’t get me anywhere. So any pointers either towards successfully creating an autopilot cluster, or importing one? Thanks all!
Nothing like asking a question publicly to find better answers- the import directive is specified in the docs [here](https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/gcp/api-docs/container/cluster/#import)