Hey everyone! We've been using pulumi for a couple...
# getting-started
Hey everyone! We've been using pulumi for a couple years and its been awesome! Now considering Pulumi cloud, and had a couple questions We're interested in cloud for doing "preview" deploys - so spin up a temp stack for previewing and prototyping a change, but have the ability to take it down easily. I've seen you have the concept of "Review" deploys, that happen on PRs, this would do well the job for our use case (ours would be a bit more catered to a manual trigger, but on PR sounds great as well) However I can see that there's only a Github integration to get this working, and we're on bitbucket and not quiet planning to move for financial reasons. Question is: is there a way to setup simliar workflow (also with the ability to take down the infra easily) for a specific git branch, temporarily? Thanks!
For your use case, what would be missing from a flow wrapped by
pulumi up
pulumi destroy
? The GitHub stuff provided by Pulumi is very handy, but functionally it can be replaced by a fairly small custom script in your normal Bitbucket pipeline.
Thanks @little-cartoon-10569 - will take a look at what that may be look like 🙂