Hi, I read this <https://leebriggs.co.uk/blog/2023...
# getting-started
Hi, I read this https://leebriggs.co.uk/blog/2023/08/17/structuring-iac, and have looked into the docs on micro-stacks, but am running into an issue, where for each micro-stack, I would need to include a pulumi.<env>.yaml. I have many environments, of which some include some stacks and others not. Is there a way to structure the code such that its easy to define 1 pulumi.<env>.yaml, and then just include the stacks you need?
To clarify, you have multiple environments (production, uat, dev, etc...), and multiple projects (Pulumi.yaml). And each environment doesn't necessarily include all projects, so a project has a stack for each environment, but not necessarily all environments?
It’s in preview, but I’d suggest you take a look at Pulumi ESC. It provides a way to centrally define (via Pulumi Cloud) an environment that can be used and reused by multiple stacks. There’s an #esc channel here if you have questions, or you’re welcome to reach out to me directly.
@dry-keyboard-94795 thats exactly it.
thanks @salmon-account-74572, i’ll look into it