hi all! Im creating a new bridged provider, and my...
# getting-started
hi all! Im creating a new bridged provider, and my manager suggested to investigate how to have it "adopted" by the pulumi github organization - he did that in the past with the pulumi-onelogin. as of now, is that still possible? if not, what options do I have to publish my provider? can I put it in a private repository in my organization? thanks!
Hello @incalculable-electrician-9119, I don't think the Pulumi team has bandwidth left to adopt more providers. The setup of a new bridged provider takes the most time, the maintenance afterwards much less. If you want to publish under your own name, you can do that quite easily. The Pulumiverse community wrote that for themselves in a README. Make sure you use your own prefixes/namespaces etc, set credentials for the various package managers, and you should be good to go. You can keep your provider in a private repository, but the usual publishing process creates a Github release in the repository with the various platform specific plugin binaries. All users then need access to this repo for successful download.
You can find more info in our general Authoring documentation. This also explains how to get your (public) provider listed in the Pulumi Registry.