# golang


03/17/2024, 10:54 PM
Hello, I am building a new VPC stack using aws-native package in golang. I am planning to build the infrastructure using automation package. I have a question, This infra service will run inside a EKS docker container, I need to know if aws-native provider supports AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity to get AWS credentials? Also, if not supported, is it possible to use classic provider like below and still create actual resources using aws-native? Pls advice _, err := aws.NewProvider(ctx, "named-provider", &aws.ProviderArgs{ AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity: &aws.ProviderAssumeRoleWithWebIdentityArgs{ RoleArn: pulumi.String(arn), WebIdentityTokenFile: pulumi.String(tokenFile), }}) if err != nil { return err }