I'm trying to switch backends from a local backend...
# getting-started
I'm trying to switch backends from a local backend back to Pulumi cloud, but following the given instructions results in me logging back in to my local backend (I'm aware that my first command has a typo - I'm specifically referring to the behaviour of the
pulumi login
command logging me into my last backend rather than pulumi cloud)
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± pulumi login <https://app.pulumi.com/>
error: <https://app.pulumi.com/> is not a valid self-hosted backend, use `pulumi login` without arguments to log into the Pulumi Cloud backend
± pulumi login
Logged in to einstein as connor (file:///home/connor/echobox/repos/infrastructure/stacks/original-main-account/main-vpc/.localstate/)
I was able to manually modify
to set
current: "<https://api.pulumi.com>"
which appears to have fixed it, but behaviour differs from the docs
The cloud backend URL should be
and not
pulumi login <https://api.pulumi.com/>
I'm aware, but the docs and the CLI both state that
pulumi login
should log you into the cloud by default, which doesn't seem to be the case
Yeah the docs on that may not be clear that running
pulumi login
will log you into the previously logged-in backend. You should explicitly
pulumi logout <backend url>
for it to default to logging you into the cloud backend.
ahh I see, that makes sense, yeah the docs could do with a bit of updating there, thanks