Hi there, I have tried to update to pulumi-azure-5...
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Hi there, I have tried to update to pulumi-azure-5.79.0. Deployment failed with this error: "Flexible Server Name: "postgres-flexible-server": performing Update: unexpected status 400 (400 Bad Request) with error: ConflictingPublicNetworkAccessAndVirtualNetworkConfiguration: Conflicting configuration is detected between Public Network Access and Virtual Network arguments. Public Network Access is not supported along with Virtual Network feature." I have no idea what exactly the issue is and how to resolve it. It would be great if you had some hints for me. Thanks a lot.
For Azure Postgres Flexible Server you have to choose between public access (w. firewall / allowed IP addresses) and private access (vnet integration). Can't do both.
And this can't be changed after the server is created.
Thanks a lot. That hint helped to solve the issue.