Does anyone have experience using the proxmox (<ht...
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Does anyone have experience using the proxmox ( and cloudinit ( packages together? I’m struggling to provision a new vm using these two and would love to chat with someone who has done it before.
This thread about an issue with Proxmox might have some info for you:
Thanks, but I’ve actually gotten proxmox working (I can clone a VM for example), I just can’t add a provisioning script and/or install packages using cloudinit for that VM. In order to do those, I need to add a cloudinit multi mime file as user-data (and leave network-data and meta-data that the proxmox resource uses alone).
But both Proxmox and Cloudinit seem to conflict with each other when they are both used. (I get this error:
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error: 1 error occurred:
    	* creating urn:pulumi:infra::unbound_dns::proxmoxve:VM/virtualMachine:VirtualMachine::unbound_vm: Received an HTTP 500 response - Reason: zfs error: cannot create 'rpool/data/vm-6000-cloudinit': dataset already exists
actually, that doesn’t appear to be from the cloudinit block…
I can’t seem to figure out where the actual logic is in the proxmox package it seems to be nothing but boilerplate…
It looks like the resource is pulled from github and built when the package is installed…