Hello! I’m new to Pulumi (and TS) and am strugglin...
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Hello! I’m new to Pulumi (and TS) and am struggling with something that I think should be fairly straight forward. Scenario: I have existing users and groups in an Azure AD. I would like to programmatically manage certain groups. I have a github admins group where the owners are the platform team, but the members should also include an additional user (Director of Development). I can’t for the life of me figure out how to concat two groups together in a way that TS likes for this object. Code to come in a moment.
I’ve tried several permutations to pull these together. Under the TS they’re just a list of object IDs, but I’m struggling to get them out of the nested Pulumi stuff.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
@adventurous-television-3865 this doesn’t answer your question, but I think the easier way to do this is:
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const githubAdminsGroup = new azuread.Group("github-admins", {
  displayName: "github-admins",
  owners: sourcePlatformGroup.members,
  securityEnabled: true,

const exampleGroupMember = new azuread.GroupMember("githubMembers", {
    groupObjectId: githubAdminsGroup.id,
    memberObjectId: // add member objects for each user here,
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Thanks for the suggestion. I think I’m going to take that approach as well, but I’m still going to have the issue of having to merge the two lists of object IDs.
you can merge the two lists inside a promise resolution (or a pulumi output resolution) - the real problem is that you then have to do things like create resources inside the
or the
an Output<array> of Output<string>s (ids)? You may be able to use
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members: pulumi.all([array1, array2])
  .apply(([a1,  a2]) => [...a1, ...a2]);
This won't work if the type of members isn't
or similarl.
thank you both! I will try those tomorrow!