Hi there - I've been looking at Pulumi for a while...
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Hi there - I've been looking at Pulumi for a while and finally have an opportunity to use it for a meaningful project. However, I'm stuck and am chalking it up to being new and hoping someone help show me the light. I'm using 
 and trying to create an AKS cluster. All is good, until I try to set up my 
. In the AZ CLI, PodIdentity is set up in a separate step, and the Pulumi Azure-Native resource seems to follow the same paradigm. However, I can't seem to figure out how to set up my 
after my 
is created. I've tried 
, but the profile is an 
. I've tried creating a new resource (using the same name and resource group) but get a conflict. Is there a recommended way to perform updates on existing resources? I'm looking through the Pulumi docs and don't really see this. I see how to create and destroy, but update isn't called out in many places. BTW, I'm using C# in my scripts. Thank you in advance for any guidance here!
seems to be a property of
. Why don’t you define it as part of the cluster definitions, similar to https://www.pulumi.com/docs/reference/pkg/azure-native/containerservice/managedcluster/#create-managed-cluster-with-podidentity-enabled ?
Is there a recommended way to perform updates on existing resources?
We recommend you avoid the need for this, if possible. Aren’t you defining the cluster in your program?
Hi @tall-librarian-49374. If I define my
as part of my
definition as such:
PodIdentityProfile = new ManagedClusterPodIdentityProfileArgs
Enabled = true,
UserAssignedIdentities = new ManagedClusterPodIdentityArgs
Identity = new UserAssignedIdentityArgs
ClientId = pod_identity.ClientId.Apply(id => id),
ObjectId = pod_identity.PrincipalId.Apply(id => id),
ResourceId = pod_identity.Id.Apply(id => id)
Name = "pod-id-tag",
Namespace = "pod-id"
I get the following error:
azure-native:containerservice:ManagedCluster (auto-aks):
error: Code="PodIdentityAddonUserAssignedIdentitiesNotAllowedInCreation" Message="PodIdentity addon does not support assigning pod identities on creation."
This lines up with the AZ CLI which first has me create the aks cluster with the
flag, and then use
az aks update
to actually set the pod identity info. I'm trying to figure out how to set my user identity for my pod identity, but can't seem to figure it out.
The problem is that the
isn't editable after creation (which makes sense).
This doesn’t answer your question but I opened https://github.com/Azure/azure-rest-api-specs/issues/13417 to track a potential fix upstream
Thanks @tall-librarian-49374. I'll keep an eye on it. And just for my knowledge, since I'm new to Pulumi, what is the recommended approach if you need to update an existing resource in Pulumi? For example, if I decide to enable the cluster autoscaler after the cluster has been created? Thank you!
You change your program and run
pulumi up
again. Or did I misunderstand the question?
Thanks again @tall-librarian-49374 ... yes, that helps. Really appreciate the help here. Thank you!
did u solve the problem?
Yes, that did solve my problem. I ended up using some configuration to run my Stack, but only performing certain actions if it's a
versus an
aha ok! thnx!