Hi!!! A newbie over here!! I have an issue with ou...
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Hi!!! A newbie over here!! I have an issue with outputs in python. I have all my env vars in a common stack so from any service I can query my common vars which is nice. I want to use those variables in a ECS task but... To define them I have to "unwrap" all my outputs (envars) chaining
calls any idea how to solve this? My goal is to have a key/value array of strings with all my vars
you're trying to get outputs into the ecs task string right?
Yep!!! The json_dunp that explodes when you try to serialise an Output 😅 🤣
what have you tried?
I think that I can solve the problem in that way
The only issue that I see is that I don't have the
property like in the example with a fixed structure I have a variable array I need to find a way to unwrap all the outputs inside that array but I guess that I can use another Output.all to construct that array
Let me try!
hey!! your suggestion worked like a charm! now each service picks the neccesary outputs from the common stack an prepare the
array in this way:
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env_vars = Output.all(env_var1, env_var2).apply(
  lambda args: [
        'name': 'TEST_VAR1',
        'name': 'TEST_VAR2',
and this output is passed to the client that generates the ECS task where the env vars are injected in this way:
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return Output.all(image=image.image_name, envVars=envVars).apply(
      lambda args: json.dumps([{
        'name': name,
        'image': args['image'],
        'portMappings': [{
          'containerPort': 8080,
          'hostPort': 8080,
          'protocol': 'tcp'
        'environment': args['envVars']
Again Thanks for your help!!
my pleasure!