Can anyone point me in the direction of a good exa...
# python
Can anyone point me in the direction of a good example project in Python where the resources have been broken up into different python modules? I've engineered a fairly complex project at this point where I've kept all of my resources discoverable to the pulumi cli by doing imports in the module level
files, but I'm running into some difficulty with circular dependencies that I'm not really sure how I would resolve at this point. Essentially I have a file creating secrets in AWS that depends on some infrastructure in another module, and that module would also like to be able to reference the secret values. I tried doing a
on the secret value to get around this, but it seems I cannot actually reference my stack outputs in flight (either they aren't created until the end, or the resource creation ordering is "wrong" -- not sure which). Open to any advice on structuring a project that isn't all in one big
or any specific advice about this problem if I've explained it well enough. Sadly I cannot share the actual code, but if it would he helpful I could try to whip up a sample dummy project that replicates the issue without getting me in trouble.
Are these separate pulumi projects or are you doing all this in one project?
You are creating secrets that depend on infrastructure that depend on those secrets? (I must be understanding that incorrectly because that doesn't seem possible)