Hi all! Just joined this community, and learned ab...
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Hi all! Just joined this community, and learned about Pulumi a couple weeks ago. I'm looking to add some capabilities to our Python/K8s Pulumi build, and noticed that relative imports and custom, non-Pulumi packages are not supported. For this reason, I was looking to make a custom Pulumi package to support some generic creation handling for our team....I saw the https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-component-provider-py-boilerplate Is there a (more) simple provider example - more simplistic than the eks one?
@salmon-raincoat-19475 I probably can't help you here, but I do have a side question: is your question related to contributing a change to the core Pulumi product? Just asking, because that is what this channel is for. For Python related questions, you might have a better chance of getting answers in #python
oh...I guess it's more along the lines of a Pulumi helper for building our infrastructure... Example: pass some params to create IAM roles and policies, instead of pasting the same code over and over again.... So....you're probably right, #python